Expat Services

Connecting experienced expats with the companies who need them

At AB Services, LLC we are providing a service which helps to connect seasoned and highly skilled expatriates with international and Russian companies which will benefit most from their experience, skills, and local knowledge.

Why locally resident expats for multinationals in Russia?

• For international companies seeking to enhance their business operations in Russia, and for those setting up initial operations in Russia, hiring an experienced expat can save the company significant time and expense.

• Seasoned, resident expats already understand how to conduct business in Russia and can help the company avoid many common mistakes which result from not understanding the local environment (business and legal).

• Hiring seasoned expats is the best way to avoid the culture gap. In most cases they have already made any necessary adjustments in perspective and life-style, developed successful careers and enjoy living in Russia and working closely with Russian colleagues.

• Locally experienced expat can help companies avoid the expense and risk associated with moving other professional staff plus family to Russia.

Why expats for Russian companies?

For Russian companies, which want to broaden their international appeal to both clients and investors – having one or more seasoned expats on their team can be a wise investment. 

Such valuable experience on both the international and the Russian market of a seasoned expat can serve as a bridge, both culturally and commercially to help approach and attract international clients and investors. Contacts and connections in the broader international business community can add significant value to a Russian business. 

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