How we work

For every engagement, our objective is to attract and motivate the most talented people for our clients. As such, we have developed significant capabilities in all methods of candidate search including our internal database and through the use of appropriate on-line resources such as on-line databases and social networks. We also use our extensive network of contacts to search by word of mouth or through professional publications to ensure the broadest reach possible.

Reflecting and responding to the changes in the recruitment market, AB Services uses a combination of approaches to expand the candidate pool and to maximize the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Our recruitment service is seamless for our clients, which is nevertheless a structured process with a number of important steps:

•  Understanding the client’s needs;

•  Developing an action plan;

•  Research the market;

•  Screening and interviewing;

•  Presentingcandidates;

•  Final selection and follow-up;

•  Staying in touch.

Each assignment is tailored to the client’s needs, depending on a number of factors such as the urgency of the search, the seniority of the position or the size of the potential candidate pool.

1. Understanding the client’s needs

Once we accept an assignment, we believe it is essential to meet the Client personally to understand the position description and obtain as much detail as possible. In addition to the general skills required, language, work experience, education and soft skills we take time to understand the personality/character which would be the “right fit” for the Client’s company or specific department. We treat our client relationship as a partnership and seek to understand our client’s business in depth to enable us to present the clear information to the candidates.

Discussing a recruitment order, our Recruitment Managers can offer appropriate advice on salary level and/or benefits relevant for specific positions and the market in general.

2. Developing the action plan

Based on a full understanding of the vacancy and the candidate profile we create an analysis of the client’s business, competitors and market conditions in general to develop an agreed search strategy.

3. Research the market

Detailed research is an important part of each assignment to identify potential candidates and identify market sectors where we can source candidates with specific experience. As a result, a mix of tools will be used, including on-line search, social media and direct contact in order to maximize the pool of active job-seekers or appropriate passive candidates. Depending on factors such as the seniority of the position, we would expect to generate a long list of potential candidates within 7-10 days.
We will provide constant feedback during this process to ensure the client is aware of progress. We will also report of any difficulties which arise, such as a mismatch in salary expectations or a shortage in the market of specific skills or experience, thus allowing timely adjustments to the search criteria.

4. Screening and interviewing

In parallel with the process of sourcing potential candidates, we also begin initial screening through phone or Skype interviews followed by a personal interview for those candidates which we believe are a good match for the position. A personal interview helps us better understand and evaluate candidates’ personalities, soft skills, motivation, and other details which might be important for the particular role. For positions which require specific knowledge or skills such as accountant or lawyer we are able to administer professional testing at the client’s option. Also, with our multinational team, we speak 5 languages and it’s no problem to evaluate a candidate for Russian, English, German, French and Spanish.

5. Presentation of candidates

For all candidates which we have evaluated that meet the search criteria, we provide the client with CVs, interview notes and test results (where relevant). Typically, this will be the 5 best candidates. Where required, we will check candidate references and arrange back-ground checks. (Background checks are only carried out at the request of the client and with the agreement of the candidate.) For candidates selected by the client for interview, we will manage the process of arranging meetings with the client, either at the client site or in our offices close to Shabalovskaya metro.

6. Final selection and follow up

Where the client proposes to make an offer of employment to a selected candidate, AB Services plays a key role to bring the assignment to completion. Our recruiters play an important role in ensuring that expectations are properly communicated to both the client and candidate to ensure a high chance of acceptance when a job offer is made. We would anticipate getting detailed feed back on each interview and are involved in negotiations related to further employment conditions for a finalist such as a start date, salary, bonus, benefits package. This can be a critical stage and we act as a coordinator to ensure that both parties are on the same page and that all issues are clear and transparent to avoid problems at a later stage.
We also contact all other candidates who are not selected and inform them of the result of the selection process and provide detailed feedback.

7. Staying in touch

After the selected candidate starts, we stay in touch with both the client and the candidate and provide our professional support as long as needed. We are partners with both parties and help each of them during the settling-in period. And it’s a great pleasure for us to see how our client prospers and our candidates grows together with the Company.