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AB Services offers unparalleled service in Advisory and Recruitment exceeding client expectations with the optimal value proposition available in Russia and the CIS since 2010

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Calibrating your company's needs are our top priority for your success.

AB Services is an Internationally influenced Small and Mid-Cap oriented Advisory & Recruitment Agency originally established to provide services to the Big 4 companies which has since diversified based on today’s environment to bring innovative  services in the Russian Federation, and throughout the CIS.

The AB Services team includes experienced Western and Russian managers who work together to provide the highest standard of quality service to the market.

At the most reasonable rates in the market.

AB Boutique Quality

AB Boutique means that we work with a carefully selected, limited number of clients and we care about the quality of our Service over the volume of the Services we provide.

AB Flexibility & Niche Focus

By remaining small we remain flexible.
Our business model limits each location to a Niche within a Niche focus. We understand your business, your culture, your products and your people.

Why AB Services

To Hire The Best Talent

When hiring the best Talent, you need to work with a Talented Agency. AB Services attracts the Top Talent within the Niche Industry we are serving by selling the Journey as opposed to the Job.

Best Value Proposition

To minimize turnover, AB Services creates the best value proposition. AB Services provides the best value proposition to your based on their qualifications, experience and professional achievements. We only place permanent Candidates who plan to stay with you for a minimum of 3-5 Years.

AB Services Product Offerings

AB Recruitment

AB Services is Client Centric.

Your Culture, Job Descriptions & Hiring Timelines are Calibrated with our Recruitment Team to Achieve the highest quality Search Result based on the optimal Value Proposition.

AB Executive Search

AB Executive Search penetrates the candidate pool and gets to know all the top talent in the sector.

Far above and beyond what any HR department in any organization could ever achieve.

AB Advisory

We focus mainly on Management consulting and Corporate finance services for mid-market companies.

Our pricing is reasonable, while the quality is outstanding.


Client Success Stories

We value our clients and we care about them

An FMCG Industrial Factory has added a half a dozen talented individuals from AB Services in 2022 to increase sales, capitalize on opportunities and maximize their value proposition during the Special Operation.

    CEO, Industrial factory


    Leadership Team

    Valentina Bayer

    Valentina Bayer

    Project Executive

    Ilya Sofonov

    Ilya Sofonov

    Head of Legal Practice & GR

    Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott

    Executive Director

    Alexander Baron

    Alexander Baron

    Vice President of Strategy & Finance


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    AB Services

    Calibrating your company’s needs are our top priority for your success

    +7 968 083 6113

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